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10 Practical Storage Objects at the Entrance

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10 Practical Storage Objects at the Entrance

In the design of home decoration, people tend to pay attention to the decoration of living rooms, bedrooms and other places, while neglecting small places such as entrances. Although the porch is small in the home, it is used very frequently and is a necessary place to enter and leave the house. The entrance hall represents the facade of the entire family. It has the function of privacy protection to a certain extent and increases the sense of security.


If the porch design is comprehensive, it will be more convenient to put clothes and shoes in and out of the door later, which can increase the comfort of life and the sense of ceremony. Otherwise, it will have the opposite effect and affect personal mood. Therefore, what details and storage skills should be paid attention to in the decoration design of the entrance? The 10 basic elements of the hallway will be listed in detail below.


The wall is the most worthy part of the entrance, which can be used as wall decoration to expand the use of space. One is to use partitions and hooks for storage. Modular wood shelving can be used to store some decorations, and wooden coat hooks with shelf are suitable for storing some clothing, hats and other items. The second is to use the porch cabinet or built in laundry hamper for storage, which is convenient for changing clothes, changing shoes, hanging hats, storing bags and putting umbrellas. Many families often design coat racks, dressing mirrors and shoe cabinets in the hallway. The hallway cabinet has also become an important space for people to organize clothes and store storage when they go out.

53-2-wood metal wall shelf


Drop What You're Doing


We are accustomed to leaving the delivery or groceries behind the door or throwing them away everywhere. At this time, the wood closet shelving of the entrance console can reduce your burden when you need it most. In addition, it provides a storage place for all the items we need before going out.


Wall Hook


The shelf is very useful. Installing more wood cubby wall shelves on the wall can make the small hallway immediately have the storage function. Installing several hooks under the shelf can hang clothes, hats, bags and coats. In short, wall hooks are very practical and versatile.


Coat Rack


If the floor space at your entrance is small, then a traditional coat rack will not suit you. However, this kind of floating wood wall shelf and wood metal wall shelf can help you solve this problem. They combine clever design and clever use of space.


Umbrella Stand


The sturdy umbrella stand can help you solve the trouble that dripping water will cause slippage on the entrance floor. The wooden slatpipe shelf can ventilate the stand, while the cast iron drip tray can absorb moisture.


Shoe Rack


Wood cube storage shelves can not only hold multiple pairs of shoes, but also can be used as a seat instead of shoe wearing stool. After placing the shoes inside, just pull up the drawer to hide all the items inside.


Entrance Bench


A comfortable storage bench can hold many things, such as pet leashes, seasonal accessories and daily necessities.


Letter Folder


The hanging letter folder can hold a glass jar full of flowers and a grid for storing postcards and letters.


Mail Organizer


You can put these bills, brochures and magazines in it.


Storage Bench


Sit down when you take off your shoes and store them in the shoe compartment. Put smaller items such as keys and sunglasses in a wicker basket.


Wall Shelf


This easy-to-install hanging shelf and shelf storage unit keeps coats and bags neat and orderly.


The 10 necessary objects at the entrance of the home can make you feel the charm of neatness when you enter the door.

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