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4 Heart-warming Porch Designs

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4 Heart-warming Porch Designs

Nowadays, family decoration pay more attention to the storage function in the entrance hall space. In addition to the shoe cabinet at the entrance, it is also very convenient to store the shoe cabinet, clothes, bags and scarves in the entrance.


1. Hang Your Items


Commonly used hats, scarves, purses and keys are stored without special care and management. You can choose a simple and flexible wall hook to hang it, which does not take up space and can bring convenience when going out. Wooden shelf with hooks and triangle wood shelf are two more common styles.


The height and number of hooks are more flexible. In addition to adults, you can also add a few low hooks specifically for children to develop the habit of storage. The small fresh color hooks can decorate the wall in a small area to adjust the atmosphere and mood of the space. Wooden coat hooks with shelf are very practical. Almost all small objects including keys can be hung on them. You'd better choose well-designed hook styles, or change their arrangement to make it a part-time wall decoration.


51-2-small shoe stools with storage function

2. Retractable Shoe Changing Stool



According to different functions, the shoe changing stool can be divided into ordinary shoe changing stool and storage shoe changing stool.


Adding a shoe fitting stool at the entrance allows family and guests to sit down and change shoes, which is especially convenient for the elderly and children, avoiding the inconvenience of bending over and the embarrassment of standing on one foot.


The box-style stool can also form a large-capacity storage space, which can accommodate daily replacement shoes, bags, etc. The shoe storage stool is more suitable for the drawer-like design, and does not affect the items placed on the upper part when it is opened.


The wall next to the kitchen cabinets can be used. You can make a hook to hang clothes or hang a full-length mirror. You can also place a shoe-changing stool beside the wooden bar shelf and bar chairs, so that it is very convenient for daily use.


Generally, the height of shoe changing stool is about 600mm~800mm, which is slightly lower than that of ordinary dining chairs, otherwise people will feel discomfort when bending over. The cushion style can separate the cold and hard materials to feel more comfortable, and it can take into account the functions of changing shoes and resting. In an open space, you can also try to use colors to emphasize the entrance area, using brightly colored benches or simple patterns of wallpaper.


3. Artwork Decoration


Closed cabinet + artwork decoration is the most beautiful design. The decorative porch has become one of the key parts in the home design, and it has also raised the style of the house to a higher level.


The white porch cabinet is simple and stylish. Whether it is a drawer on one side or a hanger on the top, it can be the finishing touch of the whole furniture. An open storage compartment is set under the stool. This design is also very practical. You can arrange messy shoes neatly to ensure a neat visual impression for family members or visitors when importing. If the porch has a large space, place a white wood corner shelf next to the white cabinet.


Several green plants can be placed on the wooden locker shelves, so that we can feel alive when we enter the door. Place the travel photos on the wood picture ledge shelf so that you can feel the temperature of your home as soon as you enter the door.


4. Clever Design of Small Items


Some clever small shelf designs may make your home warmer. There are many decoration and design options for the entrance. You should choose a form that fits the size of your own porch and does not have to be too rigid in traditional functions.


After reading these combined designs, do you plan to remodel your own entrance?

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