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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bamboo Fiber

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo fiber is known asbreathing fiber by experts. In view of its good performance, it has been widely applied. Let's take a look at its advantages and disadvantages. Bamboo fiber can be made into bamboo fiber children's diner set, biodegradable crockery, eco friendly party ware, etc.



1. Advantages of Bamboo Fiber

(1) Moisture Absorption and Air Permeability

The hygroscopicity and air permeability of bamboo fiber are ahead of other textile fibers, for example, the towel made of bamboo fiber wiping sweat for a long time without leaving odor. The water absorption of bamboo fiber is three times that of cotton.



Bamboo fiber containszhukun antibacterial material, which has the effect of deodorizing on personal clothing. Under the microscope, bacteria can multiply in cotton and wood fibers and the bacteria on bamboo fiber products are killed more than 75% after 24 hours, which is not available in other textile materials.


(3) UV Resistance

The ultraviolet penetration rate of bamboo fiber is 0.6% and the anti ultraviolet ability of bamboo fiber is 41.7 times that of cotton fiber. Bamboo fiber does not carry any free charge, antistatic and anti itching.


(4) Environmental Protection

Bamboo fiber is a real environmental protection green product without any chemical composition and pollution. It can be made into natural eco friendly cake stand, earth friendly disposable cups, etc.


(5) Warm in Winter and Cool in Summer

Bamboo fiber textile applied in summer and autumn makes people feel particularly cool and breathable. If it is applied in winter and spring, it is fluffy and comfortable and can remove excess heat and moisture in the body.


(6) Beauty Care Function

The whole body of bamboo is treasure and bamboo has been contributing to human health for a long time. Bamboo fiber has the natural beauty function of bamboo, which is anti-mite, smell proof and insect prevention.


(7) Green Environmental Protection

Bamboo can grow three feet in one night. Its rapid growth, regeneration and sustainable utilization can alleviate the shortage of wood and cotton resources to a great extent. Bamboo fiber products are basically made of biodegradable materials, which can be completely degraded by microorganisms and sunlight in the soil. This decomposition process will not cause any environmental pollution. Bamboo fiber can be made into biodegradable disposable plates and cutlery, compostable bamboo flatware, etc.




2. Disadvantages of Bamboo Fiber

(1) The First Is Losing Color

Plant dyes are adopted by bamboo fiber fabrics in order to maintain the characteristics and functions of natural and environmental protection, so color fastness is not able to be comparable to chemical dyes. There will be discoloration in the first washing. The thicker the color is, the more serious the discoloration will be.


(2) Another Is Wear Resistance

Based on the production process characteristics of bamboo fiber products, its wear resistance is not as good as cotton fabric. The higher the content of bamboo fiber is, the more comfortable it is to be used and the less wear-resistant it will be. It is easier to lose wool and yarn than cotton products, and its service life is not as long as that of cotton fabric.


(3) The Extraction Process May Be Contaminated

Because of the herbaceous characteristics of bamboo, fiber extraction is a very complex process, which is much more difficult than extracting cotton fiber from cotton. In this process, it may cause some pollution. Therefore, the manufacturers are required to have enough sense of social responsibility to protect the environment.


(4) Fragility

Bamboo fiber fabric can not be rubbed hard, otherwise it is easy to be damaged. In order to overcome this weakness, general manufacturers will take bamboo fiber and cotton fiber blended method to improve the strength. The general ratio of bamboo to cotton is 7:3.


In view of this, if any bamboo fiber square towel, socks or bath towel bought is not a famous brand product, and also marked as 100% bamboo fiber, then whether it is fake or not should be taken note of.


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