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Can Children Use Bamboo Fiber Tableware?

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Can Children Use Bamboo Fiber Tableware?

There are a lot of new things appearing in our world in our daily life and it is often dazzled and seldom known that whether this kind of things is good or not for us, such as eco friendly tableware. The so-called bamboo fiber dinnerware is made of natural degradable bamboo, grain, corn and other natural plant materials. It has no chemical components and can take good care of children's health. Will it have any side effects on children?



1. Characteristics of Bamboo Fiber Tableware

(1) Hygroscopic and Dehumidification Function

The cross section of bamboo fiber is highly hollow and has strong capillary effect, which can absorb and evaporate water instantly.


(2) Deodorization Adsorption Function

The special microporous structure of bamboo fiber makes it have strong adsorption capacity. It can absorb formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and other harmful substances in the air and eliminate the bad smell.


(3) Antibacterial Function

For the same number of bacteria observed under the microscope, bacteria in cotton, wood fiber products could be a large number of reproduction and bacteria in bamboo fiber products were killed about 75% in 24 hours.


16-2-biodegradable disposable tableware


2. Can Bamboo Fiber Children's Tableware Be Boiled with Boiling Water

Many friends will boil tableware with boiling water before they are used. In addition, the effect of high temperature disinfection is very good. But is high temperature disinfection the same as boiling with boiled water? There is still a difference between these two methods.


(1) Temperature

Common pathogenic bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, Salmonella, Shigella, etc., will die at 100 degrees. However, some bacteria, such as anthrax spores and wax spores, have strong resistance and may survive at a high temperature of one hundred centigrade. Only at higher temperatures will it have effect.


(2) Time

Time is inversely proportional to temperature. They can be killed in 1-3 minutes at 100 ℃. If the temperature is lower a little, it will take longer. It may kill some bacteria and take away some dust for a moment of boiling water blanching in a restaurant, but because of the lack of temperature and time, it will not kill all of them. Therefore, it is not very good to scald dishes and chopsticks with boiling water.


(3) Boiling

Before eating, put the chopsticks in boiling water for about 2-5 minutes. However, this method is not suitable for wooden chopsticks, which will bend when they are heated and shorten their service life.


(4) Steam

When the pot is filled with water and is about to boil, it is separated by a support. Then the bowls and chopsticks are placed on it and they will be sterilized by steam.


(5) Disinfection Cabinet

Purchase a special disinfection cabinet.  It is best to be an infrared disinfection cabinet. Put the washed dishes and chopsticks into it, set the temperature at 100 ~ 120 ℃ and disinfect for 10 ~ 20 minutes. Then let stand for a few minutes. Don't scald oneself.


Bamboo fiber cutlery has an obvious mistake, which is relatively fragile. Because of this fragile property of bamboo fiber, bamboo fiber dinner set should be cleaned very carefully after use. Especially when they are disinfected, do not apply dishwashing disinfectant or high temperature disinfection, because this will damage the structure of bamboo fiber children's dinner set and affect its subsequent utilization.


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