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Characteristics of Bamboo Fiber

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Characteristics of Bamboo Fiber

Nowadays, people focus more and more on the development and utilization of new natural and regenerated cellulose fibers. Going green become a new world theme. As one of them, bamboo fiber has been more and more cared for. Bamboo fiber kitchenware, environmentally friendly paper cups and totally bamboo cutting board can be made from bamboo fiber.



1. Raw Materials Are Easy to Be Obtained

China is rich in bamboo resources. Bamboo is a fast-growing plant. It can be cut down continuously after 2 to 3 years cultivation and the output of bamboo is high. Compared with wood, bamboo has the characteristics of high strength, good toughness and high hardness, which is an ideal raw material for structural wood and fiber wood. It can be made into sustainable dinnerware, bamboo baby diner set, etc.




2. Bamboo Fiber Is a Kind of Natural Environment-friendly Green Fiber

(1) Excellent Quality of Bamboo Fiber

① Characteristics of Bamboo Fiber

The unit fineness of bamboo fiber is fine and whiteness is good. The color is bright and real after dyeing, elegant and generous, with a kind of natural and simple elegant texture. It has strong toughness and wear resistance, unique rebound resilience. It has strong longitudinal and transverse strength, stable and uniform, and with good drapability. It is soft and smooth and softer than cotton, with a unique velvet feel.


② Good Hygroscopicity and Air Permeability

The cross-section of bamboo fiber is hollow and the capillary effect is very strong under 2000 times electron microscope. It can absorb and evaporate a lot of water instantly. Bamboo fiber has the best moisture absorption and air permeability among all natural fibers.


③ Comfort

The comfort of clothing depends on three main sensory factors, thermal comfort, tactile comfort and pressure comfort. Bamboo fiber products have both the three aspects.


(2) Special Properties of Bamboo Fiber

The special properties of bamboo fiber include antibacterial, health care and UV resistance.


(3) Real Green Fiber

Most of bamboo grows in the nature with beautiful mountains and rivers and is rarely polluted by pesticides and harmful substances. It adopts physical methods without any chemical components and pollution in the process of raw material extraction and production, so it has the characteristics of non-toxic, harmless and pollution-free. Bamboo fiber is a kind of degradable fiber, which can be completely decomposed in the soil without damage to the surrounding environment. Bamboo fiber can be made into bamboo children dinnerware, bamboo cutting board with handle, etc.



3. Weakness of Bamboo Fiber

In terms of processing technology, the production process and processing process of regenerated bamboo fiber destroy the characteristics of bamboo raw materials. The processing technology of regenerated bamboo fiber also needs to be improved. Bamboo fiber is easy to absorb moisture. It has large plastic deformation and is easy to brittle fracture. There are two main difficulties in the preparation process. One is that single bamboo fiber is too short to be spun. Second, the lignin content in the fiber is very high, which is difficult to be removed.


Making full use of bamboo fiber raw materials can not only alleviate the demand for natural cellulose fiber, but also open up a new way for the rational utilization of bamboo.


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