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Christmas Is Coming, How To Deal With The Increasing Amount Of Food Waste?

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Christmas Is Coming, How To Deal With The Increasing Amount Of Food Waste?

Every time a large amount of food residue is produced in the kitchen annoys you! But almost all types of organic waste can be made into high-quality compost materials. Composting household waste is a great way to benefit plants, while reducing household waste generation and carbon footprint every week! But how to use kitchen waste to make compost? Hope the following sharing can be helpful to you.



What types of kitchen waste can be composted

What kind of food waste can be added to compost? Products such as meat, bones, and dairy products decompose too slowly, which can cause a real smell of compost, or attract rodents and other pests. When added to compost, they slow down the decomposition process of all other "good" ingredients and cause compost imbalance.


Even if fruits and vegetables go bad or start to mold, you can compost them. You can also compost almost anything made of flour, such as noodles, biscuits or stale bread (although sweet baked goods will attract ants). The same is true for cooked grains such as rice or barley. If you grind the eggshells first, you can even include them because they provide a source of calcium.



How to deal with food waste

The nutrients in kitchen waste are easily digested and utilized by animals and are good feed materials. The traditional method of processing food waste is to feed livestock and poultry directly without any treatment. However, this method can easily transmit epidemic diseases in the population to livestock and poultry through kitchen waste, and it may also cause harm to human health through the food chain accumulated by toxins and harmful substances in poultry and livestock, thereby causing epidemics between humans and animals. cross infection.


Especially in recent years, the prevalence of foot-and-mouth disease, avian influenza, mad cow disease and other diseases has increased people's attention to feed safety. Therefore, this traditional treatment method can no longer meet the current people's requirements for health, environment and hygiene.


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How to improve the hazards of food waste

The best way is to learn how to classify the kitchen waste, dispose of the kitchen waste generated on the day in time every day, try not to keep the kitchen waste at home for more than one day, and it is best to clean the kitchen waste out of the room every meal .


Another more convenient method is to install a kitchen waste disposer, which can simply and quickly grind kitchen waste into tiny particles and discharge them to the sewer pipe, which can not only clean up the kitchen waste in time, but also prevent the sewer pipe from clogging and reduce garbage disposal. We can try to use biodegradable tableware, bamboo disposable cutlery and recyclable kids dinnerware to reduce waste.



Protecting the environment and reducing kitchen waste start with the little things around us. Let us start using bamboo fiber kitchenware, bamboo laundry basket, Eco-friendly tableware, biodegradable kitchenware and other environmentally friendly tableware to reduce the stress for Mother Earth!

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