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Eco-friendly Ways Packing of Takeout

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Eco-friendly Ways Packing of Takeout

Most businesses use disposable plastic containers to package the takeout. Obviously, plastic is a kind of material that pollutes the environment because it doesn't degrade naturally. These plastic objects can do harm to the life of living things. A large number of plastic bags have been found in the bodies of some dead marine animals. These plastic bags can not be digested in the stomach of the animals, which eventually lead to the death of the animals. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the use of plastic products.


To reduce the use of plastic products, we must use products made of new materials. Today, people have invented a variety of materials that can replace plastics. The following content introduces several kinds of eco-friendly takeout packaging.



Kraft Paper Containers

Kraft paper is a material made from wood pulp. This is a renewable resource. The container made of kraft paper is completely recyclable, so it is an environmentally friendly product. In addition, food-safe pigments can be used to print kraft paper to produce beautiful and colorful takeout containers. 




Bamboo Fiber Containers

Bamboo fiber containers include bamboo fiber kids plates, custom bamboo coffee cups and other biodegradable reusable tableware. Bamboo fiber is a kind of material processed from bamboo, so it is also a renewable resource. Bamboo is a very fast-growing plant, so don't worry about the ecological damage caused by excessive cutting of bamboo. Although biodegradable bamboo tableware is very light, they are very durable. Bamboo fiber eco-friendly dinnerware can be reused or recycled. If you leave the eco-friendly disposable plates in the soil, it can even turn into fertilizer to help other plants grow. 


Sustainable bamboo fiber tableware has a variety of sizes for consumers to choose. For the takeout industry, some disposable bamboo fiber tableware can be used, such as disposable bamboo fiber spoon. These tableware have good waterproof performance, can ensure that food is well preserved in the container. 



Eco-Friendly Delivery Bags

When packing takeout, it is necessary to put the tableware containing food in the bag to facilitate the delivery of takeout. The most common bags are non recyclable disposable plastic bags. Nowadays, more and more businesses begin to use recycled PET / PLA plastic bags and kraft paper bags. These bags are not only stronger than disposable plastic bags, but also better looking. These materials can be recycled and then used to produce new products. 



Plant-Based Plastic Containers

Plant-based plastic is a kind of plastic that can be recycled. The material is usually made from corn starch or cassava roots. This kind of material does not contain harmful substances, so its pollution to the environment is relatively small. The material can also be recycled centrally and then used to make new products, such as cups, bowls, etc. 


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