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Environmental Protection Products - Meet the Future from Here

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Environmental Protection Products - Meet the Future from Here

In order to bid farewell togarbage besieged city, it is an effective way to effectively recycle waste resources and make new environmental protection products by the utilization of regeneration technology. Environmental protection products include bamboo cutting board dishwasher, bamboo disposable coffee cup, etc.

4-2-eco friendly takeaway cups



1. Classification of Environmental Protection Products

How to curb thegarbage besieged city? That is to replace ordinary products with environmental protection products. The concept of environmental protection products includes material environmental protection, concept environmental protection and environmental protection function. Environmental protection products include bamboo cutting board with tray, eco friendly plates for wedding, etc.


(1) Environmental Protection of Materials

Environmental protection materials include natural materials, renewable materials and recycling of waste materials.


(2) Concept Environmental Protection

Products with environmental protection concept include energy-saving products (such as electric vehicles, wind points, solar energy products).


(3) Environmental Protection Function

The process of environmental protection includes air purification and water purification.



2. Specific Environmental Protection Products

(1) Renewable environmental umbrella

Through wire drawing technology, the plastic bottles left after drinking drinks can be recycled into environmental protection raw materials, which can be applied to make new renewable environmental protection umbrellas. The whole process of natural degradation of a plastic bottle takes 500 years. Recycling plastic bottles can greatly reduce plastic pollution. At the same time, the recycled plastic bottle raw materials are food grade raw materials, safe and non-toxic.


(2) Recycled Environmental Protection Plastic Chair

Most of the recycled environment-friendly plastic chairs use reinforced R-PP one-time injection molding plastic chairs and most of them use environment-friendly recycled plastics. The promotion and utilization of recycled environmental protection plastic chair not only greatly reduces the plastic pollution, but also the eco chair itself is recyclable, which realizes the recycling of environmental protection resources.


(3) Environmental Protection Mobile Phone Rack Parts

Recycled plastics are the most commonly used environmental protection materials for the parts of environmental mobile phone rack. New materials, such as eco wood plastic products, can also be utilized now. Wood plastic is a new composite material made by mixing these recycled plastics with straw wood powder and bamboo powder. It is not only environmentally friendly and non-toxic, but also more resistant to moisture and heat than ordinary wood. And it is harder and more compressive than recycled plastic.


(4) Recycled Plastic Environmental Mobile Phone Shell

Recycled plastics can be produced by reprocessing the outer packaging boxes of tetra pak products, such as milk boxes. These recycled plastics can be used to make environmentally friendly mobile phone shells.


(5) Recycled Plastic Baby Climbing Pad

The plastic separated from the milk box is a good material for making climbing mats. Because the raw materials for making milk boxes must be food grade raw materials, so the safety factor of the regenerated climbing pad is higher.


(6) Recycled Pulp Flowerpot

There is a kind of flower pot called regenerated pulp flowerpot. This is a kind of environmental protection product. Its pulp is extracted from the recycled milk box by the utilization of regeneration technology and it is made after regeneration treatment.


(7) Re Degradation of Tableware

Biodegradable kitchenware is biodegradable, healthy and environmentally friendly. It does not waste a grain of grain, cut down a tree, or pollute soil and water. It can be naturally degraded after being discarded.


(8) Environmental Friendly Toilet Paper

The paper pulp in milk box can be made into recycled toilet paper and packaging paper after recycling processing, which is safe, environmental friendly and healthy.


(9) Degradable Garbage Bag

Degradable garbage bag is made of 100% biodegradable plastic base material and a small amount of anti-counterfeiting raw material degradation masterbatch by co extrusion film blowing process. Compared with the traditionalwhite plastic, degradable garbage bags can be completely degraded in three months under composting conditions without any harmful substances. Collecting kitchen waste for composting with degradable garbage bags can also easily convert kitchen waste into organic fertilizer without further classification. Although they are light, they are strong.


The utilization of environmental protection products in daily life, such as eco friendly children's dinnerware, eco friendly takeaway cups and so on, is not only advanced in concept and fashionable, but also better protects the environment and leads to the sustainable development of ecology. This is something that we should stick to for a long time.


Ningbo Green Time is committed to the field of kitchenware which provides environment friendly products for 9 years, including biodegradable paper plates and cups, bamboo fiber cutlery, bamboo bread board, etc.

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