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Environmental Protection during The COVID-19

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Environmental Protection during The COVID-19

2020 is a bad year. The outbreak of coronavirus has greatly affected the economy of the world. Around the world, many factories have been forced to shut down, so many workers have lost their jobs. But there is one industry that has benefited from the outbreak, and that is the plastic industry. 


Why can the plastics industry benefit during the outbreak? Because in this period of time, the demand for disposable gloves, masks and other protective equipment increased greatly, and these products are often made of plastic and other materials. Although these products can protect us from virus infection, they can cause serious damage to the environment. These disposable gloves and other items will be directly discarded after being used, but they will not be naturally degraded, so they will cause pollution to the environment. Some animals may eat these products by mistake, which is a disaster for them, and they will die as a result.


In addition, the outbreak of the virus makes many people afraid to go out, so they can only make a living by takeout. The increase in takeout orders has led to an increase in the use of disposable tableware. In order to reduce environmental pollution, many restaurants began to use organic bamboo fiber bowl, sustainable bamboo fiber plate, biodegradable bamboo fiber spoon and other tableware. These eco-friendly bamboo fiber tableware can be naturally degraded after being discarded, so it will not damage the environment. 




What Should We Do to Protect The Environment?

In fact, in addition to disposable masks, reusable masks can also protect us from the virus. After use, only need to clean the reusable mask, and then disinfect it to continue to use. In general, these masks can be reused three to five times. In addition, we can also minimize the number of times we go out and try to stay away from crowded places. For restaurant operators, disposable bamboo fiber tableware, disposable PLA tableware and disposable sugarcane tableware can be used to package food. These disposable tableware can be decomposed by microorganisms, which is more environmentally friendly than plastic.


At present, almost all countries have suspended the ban on disposable plastic items to curb the spread of the virus. This will lead to a rapid increase in the production of plastics, resulting in environmental damage. But fortunately, some new materials are gradually replacing plastics to reduce the environmental damage caused by plastics. As consumers, we can reduce the purchase of plastic products and buy some environmentally friendly products, such as bamboo fiber tableware, sugarcane bagasse tableware, etc. These products are not only more environmentally friendly than plastics, but also have better quality than plastics, and are not toxic to humans. Only when consumers' awareness of environmental protection is improved can we better protect the environment.


Greentime is a professional environmental tableware manufacturer. During the epidemic period, consumers can buy our sustainable bamboo fiber tableware, high temperature PLA tableware and other environmentally friendly products. Our products are non-toxic, beautiful and environmentally friendly, and can meet almost all the needs of daily life. 

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