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Essentials of Bathroom Design

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Essentials of Bathroom Design

The bathroom space in many families is relatively small. But the bathroom needs a lot of things for a family. This article mainly introduces some bathroom storage artifacts, which can make you make full use of the bathroom space and have a certain sense of beauty.


1. Washing Table Storage


Storage rack. Presumably, many girls usually pile some cosmetics in bottles and cans directly on the wash table, which looks messy. At this time, you need a wooden organizer shelf. The storage rack puts the cosmetics together, which not only makes the washstand look tidy, but also prevents the cosmetics from getting wet.


Mirror storage. The mirror is a must-have item in the bathroom, and the space behind it is also a good place for storage.


Cabinet storage. You can make a row of cabinets or folding wooden shelves above or below the sink for storage.


Floor shelf. When the cabinets and countertops are not enough, a floor shelf and wood floating shelves can be placed in the washing area.

44-2-wooden organizer shelf


2. Storage in the Toilet Area


The toilet is a place where the toilet is frequently used, and the space around the toilet should also be used for storage.


Shelves. Place a shelf around the toilet to place toilet paper, aromatherapy, green plants and other items to freshen the air in the bathroom. Towels and other items are not recommended. Towels are recommended to be placed in the wooden bathroom shelf with towel bar or tall plastic laundry basket. There are many types of towel racks on the market. If possible, choose the best with drying function to quickly dry towels and reduce bacterial residues!


Cabinet. You can make a locker above the bathroom.


Shelf storage. Use the space above or on the side of the toilet to set up several rustic wooden bathroom shelves for storage.


Niche. Open an alcove on the wall for storage.


3. Storage in the Shower Area


Storage basket. There are not many things that can be put in the shower room. It is best to use the wall-mounted device basket and woven laundry basket with lid to put toiletries.


Niche. Set up an alcove on the wall of the shower area, put some toiletries and towels.


Shelf. It is also possible to set up a few simple shelves, which is more suitable for bathrooms with bathtubs. The natural wood wall shelf can hold candles, towels, etc.


4. Storage in Laundry Area


Some toilets also have a washing function. The space above the washing machine should not be wasted, and racks or shelves can be added to add more storage space. The space can also be used more rationally, and the washing machine can also be stored under the sink. Space saving laundry basket and small laundry basket with lid are also more practical storage tools.


It should be noted that the niche can not be chiseled if you want. Before chiseling, you must communicate with the decorator and the property about whether this wall can be moved. It is necessary to start construction after ensuring that it can be chiseled, otherwise the safety of the building will be affected.

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