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Good-Looking Bamboo Fiber Tableware Makes Children Love Eating

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Good-Looking Bamboo Fiber Tableware Makes Children Love Eating

Do not like to eat or eat slowly, which is acommon problemof most babies. The problem of children's difficulty in eating can not be improved quickly in one day or two. In addition to the correct guidance of parents, it is also essential to purchase a suitable set of eco dinnerware sets for children.



1. Wrong Choice of Children's Tableware

(1) Adult Tableware

Tableware specially designed for adults is not suitable for babies in terms of size or weight. Baby's small hand is not easy to control the large tableware. This will not only increase the difficulty of learning to eat independently, but also damage their self-confidence.


(2) Western Cutlery with Knife and Fork

Children's early exposure to western tableware is a potential safety hazard. The material of fork is hard and its sharp shape is also easy to hurt children's lips, so the best time to choose knife and fork tableware is to wait for the child to be a little older.


(3) Chopsticks for Children

Because of the imperfect development of fine movements, the baby under 3 years old can not fully coordinate the hand muscles, and it is easy to cause danger with too early utilizaton of chopsticks. It is a small thing to poke himself. If he runs around with chopsticks and falls over, the risk factor will be very big. Therefore, it is suggested that when children are trained to eat independently, it is better to select a spoon with smooth round corners and then train them to use chopsticks after 3-4 years old.


17-2-eco dinnerware sets 

2. Children Tableware Attracting Children

Select some children tableware specially designed for children. They are cute in shape, bright in color and rich in cartoon shapes, which can attract children's attention and stimulate their interest in eating. At the same time, it can also exercise the children's hands-on ability and the coordination ability of hands, mouth and eyes, which is conducive to the healthy growth of children.


Since it is used by children, when parents purchase, their first consideration must be material safety. However, there are many kinds of tableware materials on the market. It is impossible to distinguish whether the products are safe or not. In this case, it is best to select brand tableware with good reputation.


Eco friendly dinnerware, made of selected natural bamboo fiber, is healthy and environmentally friendly, not contained heavy metals, safe and reliable, with strong resistance to falling. It does not need to worry about the baby knocking down the tableware. It is processed by high density technology. The surface is fine and smooth, as well as easy to be cleaned. With split-type design, only one set of tableware is enough for a baby to use when he is eating.


Of course, parents should also focus on whether the edge of bamboo fibre cutlery is smooth or not. Too sharp edge or burr may cause harm to children. The spoon made of bamboo fiber has a flat and wide arc shape, which is more suitable for children and can avoid children swallowing too much food at one time. Some of the handles of spoons and forks are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, safe and healthy. The edges are finely polished and smooth without burrs. Some handles are made of PP material, heat insulation and anti scalding, not easy to deform, and the design is cute and lovely.


The bottom of the spoon is designed with cartoon panda shape. It is cute, interesting and colorful. It can not only attract children's attention, but also increase their appetite, so that babies who can only grab food with their hands can also love the utilizaton of bamboo kids tableware. Bamboo fiber children's dinner set is also equipped with a storage box, which is easy to carry. Then children can also use healthy tableware when they are going out.


With these cute environmentally friendly dinnerwares, they make it easier for babies to love eating and learn to eat by themselves.


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