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How Bamboo Fiber Environmental Protection Tableware Changes Our World

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How Bamboo Fiber Environmental Protection Tableware Changes Our World

White pollution has always been a chronic disease in urban management. At present, there is no product in the market that can replace plastic packaging products. Therefore, plastic products are still in circulation in the market after the state issued the plastic ban order.



1. Disposable Tableware Is Harmful to Health and Environment

Disposable tableware brings great convenience to our life, but it also makes the natural environment pay a great price. Plastic tableware is not easy to decay for a long time. If it is put into the incineration plant as general garbage, it will not only increase the amount of garbage, but also cause air pollution. If it is discarded at will, it may block the drainage ditch, or cause the animals to eat and die, thus endangering the biological environment.


At present, the annual demand for disposable lunch boxes in China is about 15 billion and more than 90% of them are plastic ones. The foam plastic lunch boxes eliminated by the state accounted for about half among them, especially in the economically developed areas, such as East China and South China, where the production and use amount accounts for more than half of the country.



2. Environmental Protection Bamboo Fiber Tableware Replaces Traditional Disposable Tableware

Fortunately, bamboo disposable cutlery has emerged as a substitute. Bamboo fiber has the function of degradation, antibacterial and super anti ultraviolet. It contains no plasticizer, bisphenol A, formaldehyde, environmental protection and non-toxic. There are no chemical components such as talcum powder and bleaching agent in the raw material of bamboo fiber, heat resistance and compression resistance. It can be applied in microwave oven, dishwasher, disinfection cabinet, refrigerator refrigeration and other functions.


Bamboo fiber green tableware is also called eco friendly tableware. Its main raw material is bamboo natural renewable plant fiber. It is a kind of convenient bamboo fibre cutlery container which is molded by disinfection, crushing and other processes. Its products mainly include bamboo childrens bowls, eco friendly disposable cup, plate, dish, basin and food packaging box, etc. The raw materials of the products are all natural plants, which are sterilized by natural high temperature in the production process. There is no waste liquid, harmful gas and waste residue pollution in the production process. After use, if it is buried in the soil, it will be degraded into organic fertilizer after 6 months. The product meets the requirements of national environmental protection and health.

9-2-eco friendly disposable cup



3. Application Prospect of Bamboo Cellulose

Eco friendly dinnerware, which uses bamboo and straw as raw materials, has the characteristics of natural, decomposable, healthy and environmental protection. It can also replace plastic products with petroleum as raw materials.


The cellulose separated in the process of bamboo fiber production can directly enter the market of bamboo fiber dinner set series. Due to the hollow structure and antibacterial effect of bamboo fiber, its products have excellent properties, such as sterilization, breathing and other performance. In addition, it can be applied to strengthen polymer materials with high strength properties of cellulose to prepare high performance materials. It can also make use of the degradable properties of cellulose to further develop the fully degradable polymer materials urgently required in the market. It is believed that this project will have a broad market environment in the future.


At present, the bamboo industry based on the development and utilization of bamboo resources has become a recognized green low-carbon industry. And bamboo has high cellulose content, with slender and strong fiber and good plasticity. The physical method without any threat can be selected to realize the environmental protection extraction of bamboo cellulose by microwave oscillation and ultrasonic cavitation.



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