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How Does Eco-friendly Disposable Tableware Replace Harmful Lunch Boxes?

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How Does Eco-friendly Disposable Tableware Replace Harmful Lunch Boxes?

We know that it is the trend that traditional disposable tableware will be replaced by disposable eco-friendly recyclable tableware. Traditional disposable tableware with PVC food wrap may cause cancer, but this is just one aspect of the iceberg for unsafe food packaging. According to investigations, unqualified disposable tableware that has listed in the "blacklist" by the quality inspection department is still popular in the domestic market.


Unhealthy and non-environmentally friendly traditional disposable tableware is rampant, and disposable tableware such as chopsticks and lunch boxes can be seen everywhere in our lives. Most of the tableware used is disposable in street snack bars, food stalls, fast food restaurants, and other places that are not very high-end dining places. In the trash cans of various office buildings and most office places, a large amount of rubbish is also received the harmful disposable food boxes every day. According to investigations, unqualified disposable lunch boxes mainly contain a large amount of industrial calcium carbonate, paraffin wax and other toxic substances, and some use waste plastics. The test results are worrying.


At present, more than 12 billion lunch boxes are used in my country every year, and the average person will use nearly 10 pieces. Its consumption places are relatively concentrated. In addition to office buildings, tourist attractions and shopping malls, amusement parks and stations are also places with relatively large consumption. On November 6, CCTV revealed that the "waste" used in disposable lunch boxes in Tianjin exceeded the standard by more than 160 times, and a large amount of industrial calcium carbonate, waste plastics and industrial paraffin were eaten by consumers. The report pointed out that traditional disposable tableware has very serious safety and quality problems. 


1. First, there are major problems with sanitary performance. A large amount of calcium carbonate, industrial paraffin, and recycling waste added to the raw materials of production causes the product's evaporation residue such as n-hexane, acetic acid to seriously exceed the standard.


2. Second, it has poor performance, unqualified load, large volume deviation, and leakage.


3. Third, the degradation performance is unqualified. Some companies regard calcium carbonate-filled products as degradation products, but such products cannot be truly degraded, and also cannot be recycled and reused to produce home appliances.

27-use of disposable tableware


Why eco-friendly disposable tableware is available to replace traditional disposable tableware?


1. The use of disposable tableware continues to increase, which is environmentally friendly and can be recycled by manufacturers.


2. Disposable eco-friendly tableware can be used in aviation planes, high-speed trains, major passenger transport, restaurant chain hotels, various restaurants, hotels, corporate canteens, various wedding banquets, etc.


3. Disposable green tableware is resistant to 100℃ hot water, acid and alkali resistance, no deformation or leakage.


4. It is Sanitary and clean. One-time use can prevent disease transmission and it is non-toxic and antibacterial, and has national standard production standard. 


5. Disposable paper tableware can be recycled and reused as a recycled material, and it can be used to produce mobile phone sets such as mobile phone shells, household appliances and industrial products, since it is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

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