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How Is The Environmental Protection Concept Embodied in The Tableware?

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How Is The Environmental Protection Concept Embodied in The Tableware?

With the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, the concept of environmental protection has penetrated into all areas of people's lives. In people's life, one of the most common environmental protection products is environment friendly tableware. Environment friendly tableware can be divided into two types, one is reusable environment friendly tableware, such as bamboo fiber coffee cup, bamboo fiber plate and so on. The other is disposable environment friendly tableware, such as disposable bamboo fiber bowl. So, what kind of tableware can be called environment friendly tableware? 


Environment friendly tableware is made of non-toxic, tasteless and easily degradable materials, and will not produce pollution in the process of production, use and destruction. Environment friendly tableware should meet the local hygiene requirements. At the same time, environment friendly tableware should also have the characteristics of easy recovery and easy disposal. It should be noted that not all environment friendly tableware is biodegradable.



Characteristics of Environment Friendly Tableware


First of all, the most significant feature of environment friendly tableware is that it is pollution-free. This is because environment friendly tableware is generally made of biodegradable materials, such as bamboo kids plates, bamboo paper coffee cups and so on. In addition, people also use straw, corn starch and other materials to make environment friendly tableware. These materials will become different specifications and types of environmental protection tableware after being processed by special technology. These tableware do not contain toxic substances, so they are not harmful to human health. For disposable environment friendly tableware such as disposable bamboo fiber tableware, it can be abandoned in the natural environment after use, and it will be quickly decomposed by bacteria and other microorganisms. The traditional disposable plastic tableware can not be decomposed in the natural environment, so it will cause pollution to the environment.

87-2-bamboo fiber coffee cup



Another very important feature of environment friendly tableware is its biodegradability. Environment friendly tableware is made of common materials in nature, for example, organic bamboo fiber tableware is made of bamboo. Bamboo is a very fast growing plant, so don't worry that cutting down bamboo will damage the environment. It is because of this characteristic of bamboo that people use it to make a variety of reusable bamboo fiber tableware. After being discarded, biodegradable bamboo fiber tableware will be biodegraded by bacteria and insects in the soil, and then converted into fertilizer to nourish other plants.



Environmental friendly tableware also has an important feature, that is, non-toxic. Take eco-friendly bamboo fiber tableware as an example, it is made of bamboo, so bamboo fiber tableware does not contain toxic substances. After being discarded, environmental friendly tableware will not release toxic substances to the soil, so it will not cause biological death. 


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