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Laundry Room Organization Concepts

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Laundry Room Organization Concepts

Regarding the storage of the laundry area, I have already introduced to you how to store the washing machine and how to cleverly store the sundries in the laundry area. But this is far from enough, because for many people, washing clothes at home is not just washing, but also drying and ironing.


First of all, we must consider the large and ingenious use of space. In fact, there will always be a gap between the ceiling and the washing machine, or between the top cabinet and the operating table. Don't waste this space, add a hanging wood shelves with rope or wooden shelf with rod for hanging clothes.


The laundry area can be easily turned into an ironing area. Use a panel or wood and wrought iron wall shelf or wooden slatted wall shelf to store the washing machine first, and then it can be used as an ironing area. The space above the ironing area can naturally also be used to dry or hang clothes.


Or if the panel material on the washing machine is not suitable for ironing clothes or need to place sundries, then making a folding ironing board or canvas laundry hamper is also a good choice.

46-2-wood and wrought iron wall shelf


The combined design of these areas can also integrate various storage tools, such as wooden storage shelves, wood floating corner shelves and collapsible clothes baskets, to create a more functional, more complete and more beautiful laundry area.


Another way to save space is to stack the dryer and washing machine together to use vertical space and save floor space. The combination of wood color and white makes it neat and beautiful.


You can also choose not to use the dryer, buy a washing machine that integrates washing and drying, or take it to the balcony to dry, which will save a lot of space for other functions.


There is really no room for the laundry room at home, so we hide the small washing machine in the locker, and after closing the sliding door, we can't see the hidden secrets at all. To some extent, it can be regarded as the merger of functional areas.


In fact, it is not necessary to devote some space to build a laundry room. As long as there is a free wall, just putting two machines aside will not get in the way.


In short, in addition to the necessary washing machine and dryer, all the surrounding space can be designed to be stored, such as open grids, closed cabinets, practical fitting stools and shoe changing stools. In addition, some wall hanging rods and hook storage designs need to be added.



In fact, as long as half the area of an ordinary balcony, a laundry room can be installed. As long as the width can fit the washing machine and dryer, even a small corner of the house can be made into a laundry room. Other sundries can be placed on the top of the washing machine to make partitions and wall cabinets.


The layout of the laundry room needs to fully consider the size of the house, and pay attention to the use of seemingly a lot of abnormal space. If the dryer and washing machine are stacked together, it will save more space. Therefore, it is recommended that the laundry room must be well designed before decoration.

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