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Manufacturing Method of Environmentally Friendly Paper Cake Tray

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Manufacturing Method of Environmentally Friendly Paper Cake Tray

We all know that paper cake tray is used for various cakes. But do you know the manufacturing method of environmentally friendly cake tray? In this article, we will talk about it.


In the present manufacturing technology of paper tray, it is basically made of sheet plastic, foam material or cardboard. The cake tray made of sheet plastic has lower support strength, especially the cake box made of sheet plastic. The cake tray made of foam material has a large base and is easy to be folded. At the same time, the cake box made of these two materials is not good for environmental protection. We know that the paper cake box is mostly handmade, so it is with low production efficiency and rough outer surface. In addition, it is susceptible to bacterial contamination during the production.


The invention of this cake tray with environmental protection is to provide a cake tray that is sanitary and clean, and it has high strength, does not easily move the cake, does not affect the surrounding environmental protection, and can be recycled and degraded to make up for the shortcomings of the prior manufacturing technology.


So, the technical solution to solve the above-mentioned technical problems is to invent a new style of cake tray, which includes an upper cardboard and a lower cardboard. Dark line folds are evenly distributed on the wall and the bottom edge of the upper cardboard, and the bottom edge of the upper cardboard fits the corresponding part of the lower cardboard. A plurality of ring-shaped reinforcing ribs are arranged in the boss on the upper cardboard, the upper part of the reinforcing rib is fixed on the inner top of the boss, and the lower part of the reinforcing rib is fixed on the lower cardboard. A tray enclosure is sleeved on the side wall of the boss in the middle of the upper cardboard. The upper surface of the upper cardboard is provided with a plastic film composite layer or a waterproof layer. The upper cardboard boss is provided with concave-convex words or graphics.

31-a new style of cake tray


The environmental protection cake tray changes the ductility of the upper cardboard through the dark line folds evenly and is distributed on the side wall of the upper cardboard boss and the bottom edge of the upper cardboard. It realizes the mechanized forming of the upper cardboard, and makes the tray surrounded. Therefore, it can be sleeved on the boss of the upper cardboard to prevent chocolate, cream, ice cream or other melting substances in the cake tray from flowing out of the cake tray, and it can improve the overall effect of placing the cake on the cake tray.



The beneficial effect of the cake tray is that the strength of the bottom tray in the cake box is increased through the technical scheme. At the same time, since cardboard is used as the raw material, the environmental protection problems can be conveniently solved. And it can be realized mechanized production. This manufacturing method greatly improves the efficiency of production.

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