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Several Bathroom Storage Skills

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Several Bathroom Storage Skills

When we use the bathroom daily, we will find that there are far more things to be placed in the bathroom than we thought. In the bathroom, there are mainly hand soap, shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, conditioner, bath ball, bath towel, bath salt and other toiletries, as well as detergent, shoe brush, basin, soap and other cleaning products. In addition, there may be hair dryers, curling irons, straightening irons, hair care essential oils, etc.


If so many items are unreasonably placed, the bathroom will appear messy within a few days without accident, especially for a very small bathroom. This article mainly introduces several storage techniques to help you solve the problem of small bathroom space, while making storage a very easy task.


1. Install the Mirror Cabinet


The mirror cabinet is the first to launch, and the storage function is explosive. You can put all the bottles and cans in it to save the washbasin that is most prone to mess.


The internal layout of the mirror cabinet must be reasonable, think about what can be put in the mirror cabinet. Then measure the dimensions and design the compartments inside the mirror cabinet based on these dimensions. There are mirrors in the mirror cabinet to save high myopia. The next step is to buy small wooden shelves for bathroom according to the corresponding size.



2. Various Storage Pieces on the Wall


The toothbrush sterilizer not only has the function of disinfection, but also has a strong storage function. It is recommended to use 3M tape and a wire holder to lift up the wires of the sterilizer, so that the long wires will not appear messy.


The mouthwash cup saves space, the cup hangs upside down, and there is no water left in it, which is more healthy and sanitary. In contrast, the water remaining in the cup is the easiest to breed bacteria.


Washbasins, towels, and mops can also be hung on the wall.


After a shower, the slippers can be hung upright to dry quickly. A retractable towel bar is used, and the bar length can be adjusted according to the width of the slippers.


Toiletries placed on the wall can also match the niche and wooden bathroom shelves.


3. Push-pull Bathroom Cabinet


When it comes to bathroom storage, almost everyone can think of bathroom cabinets first.


In addition to the common shelf-style and open bathroom cabinets, such as wooden display shelf, wooden bathroom shelf with towel bar and wall-mounted wooden corner shelves, sliding bathroom cabinets and wood pull out shelves have more functions.


This kind of bathroom cabinet can usually maximize the limited space! If a bathroom cabinet with such a long strip shape and the long sides are perpendicular to the person, if it is made into a traditional semi-open bathroom cabinet, it is not only inconvenient to take the supplies on the cabinet, but also easy to get wet by the mist generated during the bath which will increase the cleaning burden.


But if it is made into a fully enclosed bathroom cabinet that is pushed and pulled by the short sides, these two problems can be perfectly solved. First, the closed type does not have to worry about the mist getting wet with various toiletries, especially electrical appliances such as hair dryers and curling irons, which can be safely placed in the bathroom. The second is the push-pull method, which is more convenient!


In addition to the bathroom cabinets on the push-pull vanity, the space under the vanity can also be used well. You can customize several thick wood floating shelves and steel and wood shelves.


The remaining space under the washbasin prevents the twists and turns of the water pipes from being used. Stack them with square storage boxes and organize them into different categories. Storage box one-must use drawer style. Or this kind of 2 compartment laundry hamper without a cover is also fine, but it must be matched with multiple shelves. Or you can choose bamboo laundry basket with lid directly.


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