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Storage And Cleaning Guide for Spring Laundry

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Storage And Cleaning Guide for Spring Laundry

The cleaning of the laundry room is also a headache. Some toilets also have a washing function, and the space around the washing machine is collectively called the laundry room. If you want to clean this area of the laundry room easily, the premise is to fully consider this situation when designing this area.


Storage in Shower Area and Laundry Area


Dryer. Talking about storage, why do you want to talk about the dryer? Where do the small apartments hang clothes? If the space is limited or if it takes up some space to dry clothes, then the dryer is a good choice!


Shelves. Small space can choose to put it on the washing machine. If there is room for space, it can be placed on the side of the washing machine. Light wood floating shelves can make more efficient use of the space on and above the wall, and they are also easy to sort.


High cabinet/open high cabinet. The high cabinet design is not only used in the laundry area, but also very popular in the kitchen. Not only the internal space, but also the cabinet door can be used for storage! Wood pull out shelves is also one of the popular styles.


Dirty clothes hamper. Exquisite talents will not let dirty clothes pile up outside. Sort them into hanging laundry hamper and hidden laundry basket according to the shades of inner and outer clothes, which is a good habit of life.


Storage Box. The solid wood cube organizer instantly makes the laundry area tidy and easy to sort.


Crimp trolley or customized crimp storage cabinet. You can put it in any corners, it's flexible and easy to use, it can definitely be called a little storage expert!


Pull the basket inside the cabinet. If you think that large clothes hamper takes up space, it is also good to hide it in a cabinet.


In short, the wisdom of life is everywhere.


41-1-steel and wood shelves

Tips for Cleaning the Laundry Room


The storage cabinets are best customized by the carpenter according to the size of the washing machine and dryer. If the dryer is not a heat pump, vent holes should be reserved when customizing real wood cube storage.


Regarding the material of the cabinet, it is best to choose paint-free board and do moisture-proof treatment. It is more convenient to clean without installing the cabinet door. Some daily cleaning lotions are stored in the pallet wood shelves above the washing machine and the sink for easy access.


Living in a humid place, you need to buy a dryer at home. The dryer is one of the must-have artifacts. In addition, a hand-cranked clothes rail is installed on the balcony to take care of clothes that cannot be dried.


The tall cabinet next to the washing machine can be used to store daily cleaning tools at home. It is convenient to find commonly used tools at a glance with the storage board. The cabinet door hanging basket can make full use of the vertical space, but the size of the items in the cabinet must be mastered, otherwise it will affect the closing of the cabinet door. The laundry sorter with hanging bar can also be fully utilized. Next, use a pull-out carton for storage. The reserved large countertop is convenient for daily ironing and folding clothes. The cabinet under the sink can store the daily necessities needed for daily laundry.


It is a good choice to use 3 bin laundry sorter to organize the laundry area. The first floor is used to store household tools, the second floor is used to store cleaning supplies, and the third floor is used to store laundry supplies.


In short, in order to make the small space look not messy, the secret is to use wall space and choose white storage tools.

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