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Storage Skills at The Entrance

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Storage Skills at The Entrance

Nowadays, family decoration pay more attention to the storage function in the entrance hall space. The space in the hallway can not only put the shoe cabinet, but also store keys, bags and scarves in the hallway. Therefore, we need to pay attention to the storage design. How to make the storage design of the entrance hall? What are the storage skills of the entrance hall?


All-in-one Porch Cabinet That Turns Everything into A Whole


Relying on the integrated console cabinet storage, it can undertake all the storage functions of the console. The upper space can store keys, corner hamper with lid, hats and other items. The lower cabinet can store out-going shoes and shoe cabinet stools. The depth of the shoe cabinet is 35-40 cm. The size of the main men's and women's shoes is different.


The corner porch side cabinet storage should not only make daily necessities easy to access, but also satisfy the visual space smooth and beautiful. The hanging wooden corner shelf is decorated with several decorative paintings worth collecting, which are beautiful and fashionable.


In the hallway with limited space, you can choose a hallway combination cabinet. The small drawers and wooden shelf with drawers of the entrance cabinet, which are similar in appearance to the medicine cabinet, can hold different items, which are more beautiful and practical.


The whole living room is mainly in brown color, and the line of the shoe cabinet with floral wood is extremely simple, coupled with very interesting wall decorations and white fashionable storage racks, the whole entrance is very stylish.


Entrance Wall Storage with Decorative Storage


For the open entrance, a double-sided rustic wooden shelves separates the entrance from the living room, showing its powerful storage capacity and bringing a unique visual experience.


The multifunctional suspension frame is a highlight at the corner of the entrance. Wooden shelf with hooks give clothing a temporary shelter. The shelf can be used at any time to give full play to the greatest advantages of the wall, and a few fresh green plants will bring unlimited vitality and vitality.


Practical hanging storage on the wall, using the blank wall, can increase a lot of storage space. Scattered wooden nail-shaped hangers and metal & wood hanging shelves are scattered randomly, making the storage of decorative boxes more comfortable.


The shelf is very useful. Installing a few more shelves on the wall can make the small hallway immediately have the storage function. It is best to install a few hooks under the wooden corner wall shelf to hang clothes.

48-2-wooden coat hooks with shelf


Reserve Space for Changing Shoes


If you live alone, the entrance does not need to be too complicated. A simple shoe rack bench stool can meet the demand. With the storage of the coat rack, it gets rid of the clutter and creates a simple and generous entrance.


The shoe cabinet is placed in the wall space to save a lot of space on the ground. The wooden coat hooks with shelf can store clothes, hats and decorative items. Such a combined classified storage has more functions.


In short, the entrance is not only the first impression space after getting started, but also a very important space to improve life efficiency and convenience. The design of the entrance can also highlight the aesthetic taste of the residents.

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