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The Design to Create a Comfortable Personal Space

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The Design to Create a Comfortable Personal Space

The home is a place to live for people. Creating a comfortable personal space is the dream of lots of people. In the past, although the indoor area is large for some families, the layout of the house is extremely unreasonable, and many construction and construction problems have been left behind. In this article, we will talk about how to fully use the indoor area to design a warm and modern interior space that provides a comfortable life for a family.


Entrance and restaurant


In modern design, usually the dining room and the kitchen are connected, because the space will become more open, and the indoor lighting will be improved. A small shoes stool can be placed near the shoes shelf at the entrance. The dining table is the movable furniture. Usually the width of 1.5m can be for normal use, which can meet the needs of a family of five, even can be expanded to 1.8m in width for parties.


Living room


Living room is a place which maintains the openness of the living space, and it gathers all functional requirements in a concentrated small space. Thus, it brings a powerful result that is a full height space with attractive terraces, large windows and outdoor landscape. Some small furnishings and furniture can be placed in the corner of living room such as solid wood shelves and wood book shelf etc. Except for the kitchen and bathroom with suspended ceilings, the entire house can be painted in white and the roof is finished in gray to strengthen the frame structure of the old house. 


Stairwells and aisles


The design of stairwells and aisles is simple and concise. The layout of the space is clear and readable, and should be suitable for the needs of customers. The materials dominated by gray wall tiles and floor tiles give the bathroom space a sense of order, and emphasizes the various elements in the combination. The metal wall shelf and wall mounted shelf are also an inseparable part of the whole design.




The small wood shelves or small storage shelves can be put here to store small articles. The use of the same color material can make the floor, corners and other details in the space show a strong contrast.


Aisle space


The aisle space connects the inside and the outside, and the large opening windows can bring the environment of the outdoor terrace into the room, and the decoration of some green plants on the wooden shelves will create a feeling of integration between the inside and the outside. 


Small study room and tea room


In order to fully use the space of room, the study room can be separated by the showcase and the living room, which can keep a semi-open state to present a feeling of semi-public space. The tea room uses a retractable tea table that can be used outdoors, which is convenient to move to the terrace at any time. A small tea shelf can be placed at the corner. Now the whole room is completely a new outlook.

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