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The Development Trend of Takeout Packages

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The Development Trend of Takeout Packages

In recent years, with the rapid development of the Internet industry, takeout industry is also developing rapidly. But now most takeout packages are made of plastic, which can seriously damage the environment. In order to protect the environment, degradable materials are gradually used to manufacture takeout packages. At present, disposable bamboo fiber tableware, disposable PLA tableware and disposable sugarcane tableware are gradually entering people's lives. 

history of take out



The Development History of Delivery Packages

Modern takeaway packaging has experienced three stages of development, namely foamed plastic tableware, PP plastic tableware and degradable plastic tableware. Foamed plastic tableware is cheap, easy to use and beautiful, so it is widely used in takeout industry. Until now, some businesses still use this kind of tableware. PP plastic tableware is more resistant to high temperature than foam plastic tableware. However, these two materials are plastic and can not be degraded in the natural environment, so they will cause pollution to the environment. The degradable plastic tableware is not only durable, high temperature resistant and beautiful, but also can be decomposed by various microorganisms in the soil, so it will not pollute the environment.



The Development Trend of Takeout Packages

Although takeout package is developing and people's awareness of environmental protection is also strengthened, the market penetration rate of degradable plastic tableware is still very low in the current takeout market. At present, only a small number of businesses will use environment friendly tableware, such as disposable bamboo plastic plates, disposable sugarcane bagasse plates and so on. Obviously, most of the packages used by most businesses is still based on the traditional plastic packages which are difficult to degrade. However, with the continuous improvement of consumers' pursuit of environmental protection and package quality, sustainable bamboo fiber tableware and biodegradable sugarcane tableware will become the new trend of takeout packages, and the development potential is great.


In addition to market demand, Internet delivery platform is also promoting the development of degradable takeout packages industry through some measures. In recent years, a number of Internet delivery platforms began to carry out strict screening of takeout packages, so as to prevent merchants from using inferior packaging. In the future, the platform will solve the environmental pollution caused by takeout packages from the aspects of reduction, reuse and recycling, and improve the utilization rate of degradable packages.


The takeout industry is becoming an important part of the world food industry, but the rapid development of the takeout industry has also brought serious environmental problems. At present, the environmental protection of takeout packages has become a hot topic. Generally speaking, most of the world's takeout packages are made of traditional plastics, and the utilization rate of degradable packages is low. But the development space of degradable packages is still huge.


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