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The Hazards of Foam Lunch Boxes

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The Hazards of Foam Lunch Boxes

In our daily life, the use of lunch boxes can be seen everywhere. They are called takeaways boxes. Disposable lunch boxes are often used when eating at companies or schools. And people often use it to hold different delicious foods at home. The materials of lunch boxes are divided into many types, such as aluminum, Stainless steel, plastic etc. And disposable lunch boxes are often foam lunch boxes. Today, let us talk about the hazards of the foam lunch box.


According to relevant experts, when the temperature of the food in the disposable foamed plastic tableware reaches above 60 degrees, the foamed plastic lunch box will release toxic substances. These substances will cause certain damage to the human central nervous system and seriously threaten the human central nervous system and the health of people. So, the experts advocate people to use environment protection boxes or biodegradable packaging box, such as bagasse disposable boxes, or sugar cane lunch boxes etc, since these disposable lunch boxes are biodegradable.


We know that the degradation time of plastic products usually takes at least 200 years. Waste agricultural film and plastic bags in the farmland can remain in the field for a long time, which will affect the absorption of water and nutrients of the crops, and inhibit the growth and development of the crops, and reduce the yield of the crops. If livestock eat plastic film, it will cause digestive disease and even cause livestock death. If the waste plastic is directly incinerated, it will cause serious secondary pollution to the environment. As everyone knows when plastic is burned, it not only produces a lot of black smoke, but also produces dioxins, which is the most toxic substance so far. If dioxin enters the soil and it will take at least 15 months to decompose gradually. It will harm plants and crops. So, dioxin has serious damage to the liver and brain of animals. 

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In addition, because disposable plastic tableware is difficult to degrade, many cities now promote the use of green tableware paper tableware. The principle is that the cellulose is a component of paper products, which can be degraded by microorganisms. However, it is also unwise to replace foamed plastic tableware with paper tableware. First of all, paper tableware also brings visual pollution. Their degradation rate is not fast, and they will not degrade completely in dozens of days or even months. Secondly, in addition to straw pulp and rice pulp, about 1/3 of wood pulp must be added when making paper tableware. If it is fully promoted, it will inevitably cause a large amount of wood consumption and increase deforestation. The forest coverage rate in my country is only 13.92%, and the per capita forest area is only 17.2% of the world per capita level. Third, paper pulp has always been a major water consuming, energy consuming and polluting source. The pulping process requires a lot of water, and our country is a country with water shortage. If the sewage is discharged directly into the river without treatment, it will cause water pollution. So, environment protection disposable tableware should be popularized wildly. 

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