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The Reason to Choose a Green lunch Box

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The Reason to Choose a Green lunch Box

With the increase of China’s population, it has reached around 1.37 billion so far. And the Chinese market’s demand for disposable tableware, such as bowls, table cups and paper cups is maintaining a rapid growing trend. The products have been raised questions about environmental protection, energy saving, and safety in daily use. The voice of Chinese people for environmentally friendly disposable recyclable products is constantly increasing. After all, the use of disposable packaging products is closely related to everyone, and people are living in the time of reform and opening up. In this era, the life of people has been greatly changed. People’s requirements for living conditions are getting higher and higher, and there is a more urgent need for more environmentally friendly boxes and high-quality packaging products.

28-bagasse disposable plants


At present, the annual production volume of domestic traditional disposable tableware products is increasing explosively. The existing traditional disposable packaging box manufacturers are so many, and some are with low production thresholds and little technical content. The market competition is too fierce, and profits are decreasing year by year, which need introduce more advanced and environmentally friendly production equipment from abroad to improve the production efficiency of the factory. At the same time, increasing the production speed and reducing the use of raw materials by reducing production personnel, plant rental, raw materials and various fixed expenses can get rid of the status of earning processing fees for the existing domestic enterprises in production. 


We know that the existing disposable lunch boxes in China are made of ordinary foamed plastic. If the food contained is heated to exceed 65 degrees, the toxins contained in it will be released and penetrate into the food. It just likes that plastic bags cannot meet high temperature. The important point is that when the temperature of the food in the that foam tableware reaches 65°C, the harmful substances in the disposable foamed plastic tableware will penetrate into the food, which will cause damage to human liver, kidney and central nervous system, and even endangering the lives of people. If the process is not well controlled during the processing, the poison will be even greater. Using such a lunch box to eat is equivalent to chronic poisoning, and long-term use will still cause damage to the health of people.


What is more, improper handling of disposable tableware can cause harm to the environment. If burned, toxic substances will be emitted. Landfill treatment will hinder plant growth, at the same time it will pollute groundwater and provide a breeding ground for harmful mosquitoes and bacteria. 


Therefore, the use of disposable foam tableware will not only endanger the health of people, but also cause pollution to the environment on which we live. Based on this, many researchers continue to invent and manufacture more environmentally friendly tableware. Among them, the disposable bagasse disposable tableware has become a good choice for the industry, which is not only environmentally friendly, but is good for the health of people since it is biodegradable. That’s the reason why to choose a green lunch box.


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