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Using Sugar Cane Tableware to Help to Protect Environment

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Using Sugar Cane Tableware to Help to Protect Environment

In the time of fast food, many people order fast foods as lunch during working days. So, the fast food boxes are loved by people because of their convenience. Nowadays, they can be seen everywhere in daily life. With the further improvement of people's environmental awareness and their own health awareness, more and more people begin to refuse to use fast food boxes made of polystyrene, and some new environmentally friendly food boxes have emerged, such as bagasse degradable food box, sugarcane food box etc. which are made of the residuals of sugar cane and produced by bagass making machine. The disposable food boxes are environmentally friendly and can be degraded, which is good for the health of peoples body and the environment. Now we will briefly introduce the advantages and disadvantages of the eco-friendly lunch boxes to let more people know how to protect the environment.


We know that disposable foamed plastic lunch boxes and plastic bags containing food will seriously affect the health of people. When the temperature reaches 65°C, the harmful substances in the disposable foamed plastic tableware will penetrate into the food and cause damage to the human liver, kidneys and central nervous system. In our country, almost all of the ultra-thin plastic bags we use come from the reuse of waste plastics and are produced by small businesses or family workshops. The raw materials used in these production plants are waste plastic barrels, basins, disposable syringes, etc. In production, the raw materials are crushed into plastic particles with machinery, and the plastic particles are washed in a pool which is namely called disinfection, and taken out and dried, and then pressed into a film with machinery to make various plastic bags. And many people will use plastic bags to pack the food, which not only pollutes the environment, but also harms the bodies of people. In the aspect of environment protection, due to the soft foundation of the plastic film landfill site, harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses in the garbage can easily penetrate into the ground, pollute the groundwater and endanger the surrounding environment. So, the degradable food boxes and environment protection disposable tableware is very important for protecting environment and the body health of people.

24-bagass making machine


A few years ago, the rise of cornstarch tableware made environmentally friendly tableware to walk into the table. But after a few years, we rarely see the emergence of such tableware during meals. Compared with ordinary tableware, the cost of cornstarch tableware is a few cents higher. Due to the high cost, many manufacturers do not want to produce it. Nowadays, sugarcane tableware has appeared in the life of people, which causes many manufacturers to abandon their original products to produce it. The so-called sugarcane tableware refers to tableware produced from plant fiber. Although its degradation rate is slightly slower than that of cornstarch tableware, and it takes about 6 months to degrade it, but its cost is low and the manufacturers can save costs during production. This is beneficial to both manufacturers and users. And it is eco-friendly. 

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