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What Are The Design Plans for The Apartment-style Entrance?

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What Are The Design Plans for The Apartment-style Entrance?

In today's decoration, the entrance may be more and more people's attention. Although the small area of the hallway, its effect is not small at all. As long as the storage is done, keys, hats, shoes and other items can be stored neatly.

49-2-wood cube storage shelves 

There are several applicable programs below.


1. We can see that some wooden cupboard shelves and suspended ceilings can be built on one side of the hallway. The middle part can leave space for the sink layout. In the space between the stove and the operating table, refrigerators, washing machines, microwave ovens and other household appliances can be embedded in the real wood shelf. At the edge of the entrance, a partition can be added, which can be completely separated from the guest dining room.


2. If the hallway of your home is connected to the dining room and bathroom, you can also connect the three to design together. Shoe cabinets and shoe stool benches can be selected in narrower styles. The circulation layouts of the bathroom, dining room, kitchen and entrance are all concentrated, which makes the overall sense of space more spacious.


3. In my opinion, if your entrance hallway is wide enough, you can also make a small bar in any space beside the kitchen to replace the dining table. Generally speaking, a small apartment will only live in one or two people, and the size of the bar is enough for two people to eat.


4. The other wall beside the wooden airing cupboard shelves can also be used. You can make a bamboo coat hooks with shelf or hang a full-length mirror, etc. You can also put a shoe storage stool on the side of the bar chair. In this way, daily use is very convenient.


The hooks are only temporary storage and need to be sorted in time to keep them fresh. Choose well-designed hook styles, or change their arrangement to make them part-time wall decoration. Add an affinity color to the hook, which can decorate the wall in a small area and adjust the atmosphere and mood of the space.


5. The cabinets of the open kitchen in the aisle can also extend to the living room. We can use the space of the TV background wall or the sofa background wall for storage instead of separately arranging wood cube storage shelves and wooden box wall shelves. For residents with small apartment layouts, this design will not make them feel that there is too little storage space. Generally speaking, the lighting of the aisle kitchen is generally not very good. To avoid the space looking dark and dull, we can choose colorful tiles as decorations. On the whole, it is mainly white and wood color, plus abundant lighting arrangement.


6. The aisle-style kitchen can also be made into an open style, and a small bar can be made at the junction of the kitchen and the living room. The small bar is equipped with wood pull out shelves. First, it can increase the operating space of the kitchen, and second, it can also save some space for designing and accommodating the dining room.



7. There is another type of apartment without a hallway. As soon as you enter the door, it is an open space with visual sense. In this way, the kitchen can be designed on the wall to integrate the dining room and the living room. Although the overall space is not large, it has all the necessary and necessary layouts. The wooden box shelf for wall and crate and barrel laundry basket can collect messy small items.


In short, if the porch is used well, it can also help us store many things.


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