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What Are The Necessary Things for Home & Office Storage?

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What Are The Necessary Things for Home & Office Storage?

How to make the room clean and tidy is a problem everyone faces. For a new house, the windows are bright and clean at the beginning, and all items are stored and placed neatly. But the home you live in cannot be static. If the things you buy are not sorted in time, they will only become more and more messy.


Accepting this matter is a habit and an attitude. Storage needs the help of storing good things.


Some good things for storage are cost-effective, cheap and practical. Some well-stored items highlight the appearance, which can be a display or an art.


Practical and environmentally friendly storage goods mainly include wooden storage shelves, wall mounted wooden shelves and bamboo hamper with lid.


What do we need to store as soon as we enter the door? What space can be fully utilized?


The first are two felt boards attached to the wall. Wood wall shelf with hooks can be freely combined with fixed hooks, bases, storage boxes and other accessories, which makes full use of the wall space. We installed two hooks to hang the key, because the key must be taken and placed at the entrance, so it is very convenient to put it here. The elastic rope can hold photos, and the storage box on the right can hold scissors and pens. There are also two dolls placed on the base. Every day before going out to work and every day after get off work, when you come in and see cute things, you will feel happy.


The third rectangular board secures the subway card and bicycle card, and the hook on the right uses a wooden magnetic clip to hold several postcards. The solid wood cube organizer in the lower left corner is installed on the gate for umbrellas.


40-1-wooden storage shelves

Sort and Store According to Frequency of Use


We often overlook this in family storage. Commonly used items should be placed in a conspicuous place, and less frequently used items should be stored in the cabinet. For example, the items placed on wood closet shelving must be commonly used items, such as oil, salt, sauce and vinegar. If you put some infrequently used items on the table, it will take up space and appear messy. Put the slippers you use every day on the floor in the shoe cabinet. It is best to buy a shoe rack with stool. The clothes that you need to change every day when you go out, collars, scarves, hats, etc. are hung in places that are readily accessible, such as wooden shelf with hooks and adjustable wood shelves. Seasonal shoes are placed high in the cabinet.


Store with Storage Box


In the drawer of the kitchen, you can configure the lunch box of appropriate size, and put the chopsticks and spoons in them. In the drawer of the desk, you can also use different grids to divide areas for various small objects and let them return to their respective positions. If you have the habit of reading, a small size stained wood shelf can also be placed in the bedroom.


Use of Corner Space


In the corners of sofas, dining rooms and bedrooms, we can set up a set of mobile storage racks as storage space.


Closet Storage


The closet has the largest storage capacity in the home's storage space and has an outstanding storage capacity. However, there are few people who can make good use of it, and most people will feel troubled because the space has no shelf and it becomes futile. It is recommended to use shelves, partitions, drawers and other small items to divide.


If you want to learn more practical home and office storage coups, please continue to pay attention to the dynamics of the article. If you want to get more storage items, it is recommended that you log in to the website below for details.

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