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What Is Bamboo Fiber?

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What Is Bamboo Fiber?

Bamboo fiber is the fifth natural element after cotton, hemp, wool and silk. It is a kind of natural environmental protection green fiber in the true sense. Bamboo fiber kitchenware, biodegradable kitchenware and bamboo disposable cutlery can be made from bamboo fiber.



1. Introduction to Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo fiber is a kind of fiber which is extracted from original bamboo and refined by hydrolysis alkali method and multi bleaching. Bamboo fiber is a natural green material with strong toughness and softness. It retains the characteristics of antibacterial, acarus killing, heat clearing, disintoxication and natural fragrance of bamboo.




2. Chemical Composition of Bamboo Fiber

The chemical components of bamboo fiber are mainly cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin. All of them are high glycans, accounting for more than 90% of the dry weight of fiber, followed by protein, fat, pectin, tannin, pigment, ash, etc. Most of them exist in the cell lumen or special organelles, which directly or indirectly participate in their physiological functions.


Cellulose is the main component of bamboo fibril cells, which is also the significance of it as textile fiber. Because of the different ages of bamboo, the content of cellulose is different. For example, the content of cellulose is 75% in young bamboo, 66% in one-year-old bamboo and 58% in three-year-old bamboo. The content of hemicellulose in bamboo fiber is generally 14%~25%, and the average content of moso bamboo is about 22.7%. With the increase of bamboo age, its content also decreases, such as 24.9% of 2-year-old bamboo and 23.6% of 4-year-old bamboo.



3. The Structure and Morphology of Bamboo Fiber

The scanning electron microscope showed that there were transverse nodes in the longitudinal direction of the original bamboo fiber. The thickness distribution was very uneven and there were numerous micro grooves on the surface of the fiber.


The transverse is irregular ellipse shape, waist circle shape, etc. There is a middle cavity in it. There are large and small gaps on the cross section and there are cracks on the edge. It is similar to ramie fiber in cross section.



4. The Effect of Bamboo Fiber

The efficacy of bamboo fiber includes the function of antibacterial, health care, UV resistance, moisture absorption and moisture discharge, comfort, aesthetics and environmental protection. It can be made into foldable bamboo laundry basket, bamboo cloth basket, etc.



5. Properties of Bamboo Fiber

Bamboo fiber is a kind of natural cellulose fiber with excellent physical properties. It has strong capillary effect (Test condition is 30 ℃ and pre tension is 4g), slightly higher than cotton fiber, far higher than ramie, viscose fiber and regenerated bamboo fiber.


In addition, bamboo fiber also has strong antibacterial and bactericidal effects. Its antibacterial effect is incomparable to any artificial chemical addition method, natural, environmental protection, lasting, health care. Because bamboo fiber contains sodium copper chlorophyllin, it also has good deodorization effect. The results show that the deodorization rate of bamboo fiber fabric to ammonia gas is 70% ~ 72%, and to acid and odor is 93% ~ 95%. In addition, sodium copper chlorophyllin is a safe and excellent ultraviolet absorber, so bamboo fiber fabric has good anti ultraviolet effect.


Bamboo fiber has strong skin affinity, good air permeability, moisture absorption, unique resilience, instant water absorption, so it is also known asecological fiber that can breathe. It can be made into bambooo kids dinnerware, biodegradable plates and cutlery, etc.


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