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What Laundry Tools Are Recommended?

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What Laundry Tools Are Recommended?

It is worth thinking about how to use and properly store the newly purchased items. For example, if there are many clothes, they need to be stored and cleaned. For the laundry room, many people think that only a washing machine is enough. In fact, this idea is wrong. A good laundry room also needs perfect storage.


In the past, many people chose to arrange the washing machine in the bathroom. The disadvantage of this functional area is that the environment is humid, which is not conducive to the maintenance and maintenance of the machine. Therefore, it is better to make a laundry room separately. If we have a separate laundry room, how can we do a good job of storing household items?


43-1-small and fresh shoe rack and stool

Use Combination Cabinets

The cabinets tailored for the laundry room can integrate storage, ironing and cooling. The upright appearance is enough to attract people's attention, and the meticulous classification of functions will also save you the trouble of storing cleaning supplies.


1. Use small curtains skillfully


If you are a tidy control, you don't see the mess of small things or even hanging clothes will make you feel that it is not neat enough, it is very necessary to add a curtain that can be operated at any time in a small space.


2. Use black boldly


In addition to being practical, the laundry room can also be a part of your taste. The black cabinet can almost hide the washing machine. Matching with colorful carpets brightens the entire space, and the use of all black in a small space will not be so depressing!


3. Rural style is the mainstream


The pastoral style has always been loved by many people. In addition to being seductive, the pastoral style brings more life to people. The small and fresh shoe rack and stool and the light-colored wall mounted laundry basket are the highlights.


Abandon the Cabinet And Use the Storage Shelf


Slender wood floating shelves are suitable for small corners. The metal plate with holes on the top of the shelf can be hung with various cleaning utensils. The simple shape has powerful functions. Every humble item in the laundry room has a magical purpose.


Since metal wood shelves and long floating wood shelves are fully open, they tend to appear messy. Various storage accessories are particularly important, such as fabric sliding baskets of the same size, resin baskets, stylish laundry hamper and so on. The correct solution is to classify the scattered objects into different categories and put them on the shelf. It is best to put a label on the basket for easy searching. Don't pile all the loose items on the shelves randomly.


Some cotton or silk shirts are very easy to shrink after washing, and the shrinkage can be relieved by hanging them immediately after washing. Moreover, the soft light in the laundry room will not fade the clothes as easily as the direct sunlight on the balcony, which is a very good drying space. Install a row of simple horizontal racks under the hanging wood shelves on the wall to hang a few pieces of washed clothes.


If your laundry room has a small wall corner, you can use this detachable metal floating shelves or wooden bathroom shelf with towel bar to sort out all the sundries you need. The beam on the wall can just hang the washed or just dried clothes, and the ironing board can be folded next to the washing machine to facilitate your washing work. Cherry wood corner shelf can also hang all kinds of clothes.


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