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What are the Uses of Bagasse?

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What are the Uses of Bagasse?

Many people like to eat sugar cane. Usually we will spit out the residuals of sugarcane after chewing. But many people don’t know there are actually many uses of bagasse. For example, it can be made all kinds of products by bagasse making machine, such as bagasse tableware, bagasse plates, bagasse cutlery etc. If the bagasse were thrown out, it is really a waste of resource. So, what are the uses of bagasse? What role does it have? Will there be other effects if it has large quantities? Today, we will talk about the uses of bagasse.

21-bagasse making machine


1. Production of Fuel Alcohol


In the 1970s, the bagasse of sugar mills in China was mainly used for the sugar mills themselves to be burned or discarded as fuel. The economic value of this utilization method was very low. In fact, the cellulose in bagasse can be converted into sugar to make alcohol or feed yeast by sugarcane bagasse making machine. Brazil’s technology for ethanol production from bagasse developed in the 1980s has taken the lead in the world and has registered patents in many countries. The use of new technology can extract 100 liters of alcohol from each ton of bagasse, which can make the alcohol output of sugarcane increased from 7740 to 13,800 liters. The increase can double the output of alcohol (14.8 billion liters in 2003/2004) without expanding the planting area of sugarcane, and reduce the cost by 40%.


2. Bagasse can be as feed.


Many scholars at home and abroad have devoted themselves to the development and research of by-products from sugar mills as feed for many years, and have achieved certain results. For example, an American Institute of Animal Husbandry invented a method of processing bagasse into high-protein feed after ammoniating. The specific method is to mix the bagasse with urea or amide (100:2 aqueous solution), and soak the bagasse completely, and then steam it in a heating pot under 14kg pressure for 2 hours, and mix when the temperature is reduced to about 25℃ after being out of the pot. It is fermented with yeast, the gas produced is discharged clean after fermentation, and the bagasse is dried and ground into fine powder before it can be used as feed. Now it can be made by the special bagasse feed making machine.


3. Bagasse is used as environmental protection material.


With the development of science and technology, nowadays, bagasse can be used as environmental protection material such as papermaking, sugarcane disposable plates etc. At present, there are mature technologies that use bagasse as a substitute for wood to produce fully degradable paper agricultural mulch, paper catering utensils, bagasse disposable paper cup etc. Among them, the fully degradable paper agricultural mulch is made of 100% bagasse pulp, which can be recycled for papermaking and can be degraded naturally. And disposable paper tableware can be made by bagasse tableware making machine. It can solve the white pollution problem caused by the use of polystyrene tableware for many years. It is considered to be the most promising new achievement.


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