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Why Buy Bamboo Fiber Travel Cup?

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Why Buy Bamboo Fiber Travel Cup?

The appearance of plastics makes people's life convenient, but it also causes serious pollution to the environment. Although plastic is a lightweight and durable material, it can not degrade naturally in the environment, so it will cause damage to the environment. In order to reduce the environmental pollution caused by plastics, bamboo fiber has become a new material instead of plastic. At present, people have made bamboo fiber mug, bamboo fiber plate and other bamboo fiber tableware to replace the traditional plastic tableware.



What Is Bamboo Fiber?

Bamboo fiber is a material made of bamboo. After special treatment, people extract cellulose from bamboo and make it into regenerated fiber by special technology. Because of the rapid growth of bamboo, the yield of bamboo fiber is also relatively high. Bamboo fiber can degrade naturally in the environment, so it will not cause serious damage to the environment.



Why Do You Need to Buy Bamboo Fiber Cups?

Reducing Unnecessary Waste
If you have a bamboo fiber travel cup, you will no longer use the disposable paper cup provided by the coffee shop, which can reduce the use of paper cups and protect the environment. In addition, organic fiber travel cups have a variety of styles of appearance, more fashionable than ordinary disposable paper cups. Bamboo fiber coffee cup can be reused, it is very durable. And if you discard it in the soil, it will be completely degraded and converted into fertilizer for the plant after a year.




Most Bamboo Fiber Cups Can Be Washed in A Dishwasher

One advantage of the bamboo fiber picnic cup is that it can be cleaned by the dishwasher. Reusable bamboo fiber travel cups are strong enough to withstand the heat in the dishwasher. After use, you can put it directly into the dishwasher and make it clean. But not all bamboo plastic travel cups can be cleaned by dishwasher, you should check the label on the bottom of the cup.



Bamboo Cups Can Save you Money

The biggest advantage of a bamboo disposable cup is that it can help you save money because it can be reused. For example, if you use your own bamboo fiber cup to Starbucks, you can get a 10 cent discount. Some coffee shops offer a 50 cent discount for people using reusable cups. If you go to a coffee shop every day for coffee, you can save at least $100 a year.



Reduces Deforestation
Most disposable coffee cups are made of paper. This means that every use of a disposable paper cup will cause damage to the environment. For people who love environmental protection, buying a bamboo paper cup is a good choice. Although people also need to cut down bamboo to make bamboo fiber cups, bamboo grows fast and can be reused, so bamboo fiber cups are more environmentally friendly than disposable paper cups. 


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