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Why Use Bamboo Fiber Tableware? The Benefits of Utilization of Bamboo Fiber Tableware

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Why Use Bamboo Fiber Tableware? The Benefits of Utilization of Bamboo Fiber Tableware

Bamboo is the fastest growing herb on earth. It grows 1/3 faster than ordinary trees and some species can grow up to 30 cm in one day. The biggest advantage of bamboo fiber is that it contains antibacterial substances and has natural and lasting antibacterial properties. It can also achieve natural decomposition in the natural environment and will not cause secondary pollution to the earth.



1. Children's Tableware

Most of the common tableware for children on the market is made of PP plastic and melamine (bone china). From the perspective of food safety, melamine (bone china) will start to release melamine when it is heated over 30 to 40 degrees, while the common PP will produce plasticizer harmful to human body at about 60 degrees. The former will cause liver and kidney diseases, while the latter will cause hormone imbalance in infants and pregnant women, which will greatly increase the possibility of sexual development abnormalities. The bamboo fiber design is more humanized, safer, easy to be cleaned and heated.


(1) Heat Resistance

Different from bamboo kids dinnerware, which is usually added plastic or chemical substances, all natural brand bamboo kids tableware is the most heat-resistant children's tableware on the market. It can withstand the high temperature of 100 ℃ and the manufacturing method is more durable.


(2) Durable and Versatile

Bamboo products are very strong and durable. Bamboo tableware is light in nature, but it is stronger than other traditional wood. The weight and versatility of bamboo tableware kids makes it suitable for people who like to travel. Just put bamboo tableware into travel bags.


(3) No Scratch

Bamboo utensils will not cause any damage to pots and other kitchen utensils and will not cause accidental scratches. But if a wooden shovel or a metal shovel is used, it is easier to be scratched for non stick pot.



2. Four Advantages of Environmental Protection Bamboo Fiber Tableware for Children

(1) Patterned Paper

Bamboo fiber children's tableware is made of food embossing technology. It is safe, non-toxic and colorless. It has rich and bright colors, making the baby eating happily.


(2) Natural Bamboo Fiber Material

Bamboo fiber material is naturally antibacterial, with frosted texture. It is delicate and not hot, easy to be cleaned, and dishwasher can be used.


(3) Healthy, Nontoxic and Tasteless

Children's bamboo tableware is made at high temperature, with strong stability, nontoxic and tasteless.


(4) The Appearance Is Lovely and Exquisite

Cartoon design is lively and lovely with round shape and smooth lines, which can improve the baby's appetite.


3. How to Distinguish the Authenticity ofNatural Bamboo FiberChildren's Tableware

(1) Is There Any Indication of Ingredients on the Package

Bamboo fiber tableware is made of bamboo fiber powder, plant starch and natural resin. If the ingredients are not carefully marked on the package, there is likely to be a problem.


(2) Is PP Plastic Added

There is a high probability of adding PP plastic for fiber tableware which is light and thermolabile (within 90 degrees). Plastic can not be decomposed and there is the suspicion of plasticizer. While bamboo fiber can be resistant to 100 degrees with real quality, which makes every penny of the consumer is worthy of it.


(3) Does the Manufacturer Have a Complete Inspection Report of Tableware

Improper material selection of children's tableware will bring potential and long-term irreversible harm to children. Eco friendly children's dinnerware, a bamboo fiber environment-friendly children's dinnerware, turns bamboo into a dinner plate, making life come from nature and return to nature.


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