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Why Use Sugar Cane Tableware as a Takeaway Lunch Box?

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Why Use Sugar Cane Tableware as a Takeaway Lunch Box?

Maybe many people think that bagasse is a kind of garbage before they know the uses of bagasse. So what are its uses? In fact, it can be made different disposable products such as bagasse plates, bagasse disposable tableware, bagasse cup etc. With the improvement of science and technology, the bagasse has become the useful raw materials and environmental protection materials. For example, the takeaway lunch box can be made of bagasse. It was produced by bagasse making machine, which turns waste into a treasure. Then why use sugar cane table ware as a takeaway lunch box? Let us see the reason together.


22-bagasse plates,

We all know the takeaway lunch box, because most people often order delicious food as lunch and will use the disposable tableware. But when you see these beautiful lunch boxes with tempting food, do you know what are they made of? Maybe you will guess they are PP polypropylene, or PS polystyrene or cardboard. Actually, they are made of bagasee, which are the residuals of sugar cane. In other words, they are the garbage after people chew sugar cane. But now they are not the garbage any more, and they are the useful raw materials and the environment protection materials after re-processing by sugarcane bagasse making machine.


Although the "plastic limit order" has been carried out for ten years, we still can find there are many disposable plastic products around us. The disadvantages of disposable plastic lunch boxes are that it is difficult to degrade and the problems of environmental protection have been criticized. Environmentally friendly materials such as bagasse can replace plastic to make bagasse disposable lunch boxes, which are helpful to protect the environment because they are degraded bagasse products. Of course, the uses of bagasse are still constantly being explored.


At present, disposable environmentally friendly lunch boxes are the first choice to replace disposable plastic lunch boxes in terms of environmental protection. The use of non-toxic, harmless, clean and non-polluting disposable environmentally friendly paper lunch boxes that meet the national food-grade health and safety standards and environmental protection regulations are made with no added raw materials, which is not only safer and healthier in use, but also is degradable and more environmentally friendly. We know that the main raw material of disposable paper lunch boxes is pulp, and pulp is mainly derived from wood. However, with the increasing consumption of wood and the increasing cost of wood pulp, a strange phenomenon has appeared that disposable environmentally friendly paper lunch boxes are not widely used in the market.


So is there a material that is also plant fiber instead of wood pulp? It is sugarcane pulp. Sugarcane pulp is also a kind of paper pulp. It is made of sugarcane bagasse as raw material, and is mixed into a certain concentration of pulp through processes such as hydraulic pulping and high temperature disinfection. Do you know the fully compostable plastic? This sugarcane pulp is a naturally degradable and compostable plant fiber material. So, sugarcane pulp made from bagasse can save a lot of wood, and also can be as environmentally friendly lunch boxes.  


As a practitioner of environmental protection kitchenware, Ningbo Green Time applied himself into kitchenware area which provides environment friendly products for 9 years. 

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