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Customer Orientation

Customer Characteristics: Own your own design


Cooperation Requirements:


 Hope suppliers can transform their design into products that can be sold with high quality.


 The product and design of the supplier should also conform to the style of the customer's brand, so as to quickly reach an agreement with the brand tonality in product realization.


 Respect the design of customers and keep the confidentiality agreement


Cooperation Requirements:


 The supplier is required to continuously launch new products and meet the trend of fashion.


 The supplier should understand the market demand and access mechanism, and have a mature experience in risk prevention and control.


 High cost performance, mature product quality control management and delivery time management, as well as rapid after-sales service.


Payment Method: T / T, L / C, etc.


Cooperation Requirements:


 Endorsement of product certificate: BSCI, ISO9001, FSC, Target Australia, LFGB, DGCCRF, FDA,etc.


 High cost performance.


 Adequate output.

Online retailers

Cooperation Requirements:


 Flexible production lead time.


 Customer logo, Customized packaging.


 Young product design.

Focus on healthy eating and decorate your table.




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