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Custom Design
01. Study customer’s request

The plate in rabbit shape 21x19.5x1.2cm - Spoon 13.4x3cm.

Word "XXX" on the plate, in black printing + Client's logo 'XXX' at the back side of the plate and food logo, in black printing.

For Example: Client also me what will be the price if we do exactly same as below bamboo plate (with CHEF printing in black color) + bamboo spoon (without any printing on it – same shape) but in bamboo fiber in same grey color of the current order.

02. Suggest suitable material & make 1st rough drawing
Make modification on customer’s comment back on the drawings. And finalized the design

For Example: Is it possible to have 2cm high on all around the edge of the plate? Same thickness as quoted. Is there any price change?

On the plate, client would like to keep printing same as the bowl we ordered to you of the face rabbit but adapted to the bowl and on the spoon the same “Mmm” printing.

Reply: Do you mean like attached picture?

03. Make 3D sample & quote
04. Start mold
05. Test mold & make sample for customer’s confirmation
06. Make production upon customer’s confirmation
Focus on healthy eating and decorate your table.




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