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With the gradual modernization of society, people's living standard is higher and higher, and the products consumed are more and more diversified. However, there is a huge environmental crisis behind people's consumption. 

In the face of the deteriorating environment, Green Time firmly shoulders the social responsibility of environmental protection, takes "help to protect our environment" as the company's mission, and starts our company's road in 2012. 

Because the kitchen and home furnishing are closely related to people, So we start from this and start our environmental entrepreneurship. We continue to research and develop environmental protection materials, environmental protection product design, in order to provide consumers with more environmentally friendly solutions, and make the world better.
Greentime Provides Professional Green Tableware Solutions
From the beginning of bamboo fiber products, to the back of bamboo tableware, bamboo storage furniture products, PLA tableware, we continue to expand our product line.
Focus on healthy eating and decorate your table.




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